About Pita Jackpot

What is Pita Jackpot?

Pita Jackpot is a lottery in which you can win a lot of bitcoins. Save up your tickets in the app and make entries using them. We hold the lottery once a week, and there are several kinds of prizes available, including the biggest jackpot.


  • Sat 9:00 AM to Friday 11:59 PM (New York Time) is the entry period
  • Sat 0:00 AM to Sat 8:59 AM (New York Time) is the tally period
  • You cannot make an entry during the tallying period
  • We plan to announce the results and grant the prize at 9:00 AM on Saturdays, but the time may change due to unexpected events
  • Even if you make more than one entry, you won’t be elected twice in one week
  • If our company finds there is a violation of the Terms of Use, We may cancel the entry
  • The organizer of the campaign is Popshoot, Inc. There’s no relationship with Google, Inc.