What is the Ticket?

What is the Ticket?

The Ticket is an item that you can use in Pitacoin App. You can use this for Pita Jackpot, etc.

Where to see my Tickets?

You can find your tickets on ‘The First View’ or ‘Ticket Center.’

How can I earn Tickets?

You can get tickets by watching Ad video on the Ticket Center. There you can see the Ticket History as well. The number of tickets you can get may change in time.

What can I do with the Tickets?

Currently, Pita Jackpot is the only way to use Tickets. You can spend 1,000 Tickets for one entry. Don’t worry. We are planning to add more features in the future.


  • As a general rule, tickets are granted immediately after watching ad videos
  • We may not conduct Ticket acquisition due to system maintenance or other reasons
  • We may change the conditions of ticket acquisition, usage details, etc. without prior notice.
  • Tickets that you have used cannot be refunded
  • We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user by obtaining the Ticket.
  • Our company may cancel your Ticket without prior notice if it is deemed inappropriate.
  • The organizer of the campaign is Popshoot, Inc. There’s no relationship with Google, Inc.